Equipment Reviews

Please select reviews of budget equipment from the types below.  A star rating is provided for each as both a new and used purchase.

Refractor Telescopes

Refractor telescopes utilise lenses (usually two) in order to provide an image

Reflector Telescopes

A reflector telescope uses mirrors to provide an image.  The reflector telescope was invented by Issac Newton and are also known as Newtonian or Mirror telescopes.  Dobsonian telescopes are also reflector telescopes and are named after Frank Dobson who pioneered the simple but effective Alt-Az mount that these telescopes use..

Compound Telescopes

Compound telescopes use both mirrors and lenses to produce their image.  They are sometimes referred to as compound telescopes.  Examples of these include Maksutov and Schmitt Cassegrains.


We all know what binoculars are.